Biomarker-Enhanced Clinical Assessment of Sepsis and AKI

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Sepsis Alliance Innovation Series Webinar: Biomarker-Enhanced Clinical Assessment of Sepsis and AKI
Featured Expert: Louis M. Guzzi, MD, FCCM

The rise and development of biomarkers in medicine have undergone dramatic changes in specificity, sensitivity, and, more importantly, goal-directed therapy. The ability to combine markers that help delineate sepsis, as well as early acute kidney injury (AKI), may prove to be a low-risk diagnostic test that will decrease multiple system organ failure (MSOF) in the current increased population with sepsis. The role of biomarkers — procalcitonin for sepsis, and the combination of TIMP2 and IGFBP7 for AKI — in this diagnostic and clinical scenario will be explored and discussed in terms of clinical relevance.

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