Syndromic Testing: A Powerful Approach for Simultaneous Pathogen Detection

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bioMérieux Expert: Wade Stevenson

The traditional diagnosis of a bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic infection can involve a lot of guesswork. Some tests can be insensitive, and most are only able to detect one pathogen at a time, leading to several questions for the physician: Which organism should be tested for first? Should it be the most common cause? Should it be the most lethal cause? Or should it be the most treatable cause?

"If you want to know what's making your patients sick, choose syndromic testing," states Wade Stevenson, Wade Stevenson, Vice President, North American Clinical Marketing at BioFire Diagnostics, a bioMérieux Company. "Our tests are designed to give clinicians the best chance of finding out what is likely making patients ill." Syndromic testing aids clinicians with speed and accuracy using a single sample, helping to optimize antibiotic therapy and support better outcomes for septic patients.

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