Global Point Prevalence Survey of Antimicrobial Consumption and Resistance

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The Global Point Prevalence Survey (Global-PPS) includes a global network of hospitals utilizing a simple, web-based tool to measure and monitor antimicrobial prescribing and resistance. These hospitals provide quantifiable measures to assess and compare quantity and quality of antimicrobial prescribing and resistance in hospitalized adults, children and neonates. With abstracts available from 6 countries including Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Ghana, Guinea, and Nigeria - hear firsthand how hospital interventions and quality improvement of antimicrobial prescribing and prevention of infection are advancing antimicrobial stewardship and patient care. bioMérieux is the sole private sponsor of the GLOBAL-PPS and believes this work is critical to advancing national and local stewardship efforts.

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Explore six different abstracts that range in topic from trends in antimicrobial stewardship, standardized surveillance, and opportunities to lead antimicrobial stewardship. To learn more about participation in a future Global-PPS on Antimicrobial Consumption and Research, visit here.