Antimicrobial Resistance is Also a Pandemic, but It's Less Visible

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Expert: Dr. Peter Beyer, Senior Advisor, WHO, Antimicrobial Resistance Division

Earlier this year, Dr. Peter Beyer, Senior Advisor with the World Health Organization (WHO) spearheaded the $1 billion AMR Action Fund which seeks to strengthen the struggling antibiotic pipeline. In this 20 minute conversation lead by Lauren Hunt, PharmD, and Director of Antimicrobial Stewardship at bioMérieux, you’ll hear up-to-date perspective from Dr. Beyer on how he believes that prevention and control of infectious disease may be the most cost-effective solution to AMR, but new antibiotics are needed in the long run to replace those that are increasingly ineffective. He additionally taps into the topics of diagnostics and infection surveillance as a key factor in antimicrobial preservation.

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Read Dr. Beyer’s ACS Publication titled The Antibacterial Research and Development Pipeline Needs Urgent Solutions.

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